Split pipe DN110, 450N

EVOPIPES (#2054611001203P08003)

Price: 11,64 m

Stock: 6 m

EVOCAB SPLIT CLASSIC smooth-wall split cable protection pipes are designed for power cable repairs, electrical wire, telecommunication, television, and signal cable line ruptures and for mechanical protection and insulation of cables in sections where cable protection of other type cannot be used.

Split pipe consists of two sections which are joined by shifting one section against the other. This considerably simplifies the process of installation.
EVOCAB SPLIT CLASSIC is supplied in straight 3 m bars, packed in wooden frames and secured with a band.

Item parameters

Dimensions 120 × 13 × 13 cm


Outer Ø [mm]


Length [m]


Compression strength class



LVS EN 61386-1:2018, LVS EN 61386-24:2011

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