We offer equipment for installers – electrical installation and wiring, power supply and telecommunication systems construction, electrical distribution cabinets for companies. For merchants – electrical materials, lighting equipment for wholesale and retail companies. Industrial customers – manufacturing, metalworking, etc. companies.

Lighting solutions
  • Street lighting
  • LED luminaires
  • Light bulbs, LED bulbs
  • Indoor lighting
  • Emergency luminaires
Cables and wires
  • Low voltage power cables
  • Instalation cables
  • Winding wire
  • Rubber cables
  • Data cables
  • Overhead line wires and cables
Transmition lines and medium voltage products
  • Medium voltage cables
  • Medium voltage cable joints and terminations
  • Medium voltage equipment
  • Medium voltage measuring devices
  • Medium voltage fuses
  • Overhead line accesories
  • Surge arresters
  • Tools for live overhead line working
Low voltage solutions and tools
  • DIN modular devices
  • Installation materials
  • Swithces and sockets
  • Custom made distribution boards
  • Tools
  • NH type fuses
  • Low voltage cable joints, heat shrinking tubes, caps and breakout caps
Industrial materials
  • Electric motors
  • Automation systems
  • Frequency converter
  • Industrial automation
  • Industrial sockets
Cable protection pipes
  • Plastic pipes for electrical installations
  • Cable protection pipes
  • Trenchless installations pipes
  • Cable connection chambers and accessories
  • Warning tapes and protection profiles
Lightning protection and earthing
  • Earthing materials and accesories
  • Interception masts and accesories
  • Fixings
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Portable groundings
Green products
  • Luminaries with solar panels
  • Control devices for LED street luminaries