Intelligent Humidification Air Purifier

TRONIX Lighting (#978-050)

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The Tronix Air Purifier is characterized by the use of an 8-step filter system. It has a digital display with displaying humidity, temperature and a sleep mode and timer function. The Air Purifier is quiet, has a low energy consumption and comes with a remote control.

Filters 99,97%
1 Pre-filter: Aluminum frame with cotton filter. Filters larger particles such as dander, hair and dust.
2 HEPA-11 filter: Mainly filters fine particles up to PM2.5 such as particles from cars and metals.
3 Activated carbon filter: Spongy filter that absorbs gases and odors such as cigarette smoke. Because this spongy filter retains a lot of gases, it supports other filters.
4 Molecular absorption layer: The molecular sieve particles in the activated carbon filter are mainly used for gas purification and extra absorption.
5 Photo-catalyst filter: This filter has two functions: a braking down/destroying effect and a decomposing ability on common viruses and bacteria.
6 UV light: Built-in to destroy the molecular chain structure of micro-organisms. Combined with the photo-catalyst filter, it is very effective in killing harmful bacteria and viruses.
7 Negative ION filter layer: The negative ions help to attract/detain the positive ions that are released from computers, fluorescent lighting, ventilation systems and modern building materials.
8 Natural humidification method: The water curtain ensures a clean and moist air output.

*For a well functioning Air Purifier, filters must be replaced periodically. Please ask us for advice.

Item parameters

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 41 × 23 × 71 cm

TRONIX Lighting