Growatt portable power station INFINITY 1500


Price: 1 900,00 pc.

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The INFINITY 1500 provides electricity in situations where the power supply is unavailable or unstable. It is designed to replace traditional fuel generators to offer clean and safe portable power for outdoor activities, home emergency backup and professionals. The station has 12 outgoing connection points. Including 4 household sockets, 2 USB C type sockets, 2 USB A type and 2 USB 3 fast charging sockets, wireless charging point, car cigarette lighter socket. It is also possible to use the device in UPS mode. The device can be charged from the AC network, solar panels and from an electric car charger. WiFi and Bluetooth wireless protocols allow you to monitor the status of the device with the help of a mobile application. Up to 3 INFINITY 1500 stations can be connected together to increase the power.

Item parameters

Weight 16,5 kg
Dimensions 42 × 23 × 29 cm

1554 Wh

Ražotāja garantija

2 gadi

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