Corrugated double-wall pipe DN160, 750N

EVOPIPES (#2020016006004C01003)

Price: 4,32 m

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EVOCAB HARD halogen-free cable protection pipe is made of a HDPE composition and is available in 6 [m] bars, and each piece is supplied with a sand tight coupler. The use of standard couplers allows a convenient rigid coupling. The pipe has a corrugated outer and a smooth inner surface. Due to this, it features high mechanical and impact strength properties.

Item parameters

Dimensions 600 × 16 × 16 cm


Outer Ø [mm]
Length [m]





Polietilēns (HDPE)

Compression strength class

LVS EN 61386-1:2018, LVS EN 61386-24:2011

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