Cavity wall box 3-seater

KOPOS (#KPL 64-50/3LD_NA)

Price: 4,54 pc.

Stock: 284 pc.

Inlet openings made of flexible material. The cable or tube installation is performed by extracting the pre-pressed inlet to the flexible membranes and then inserting the required item into the opening. Installation box in the hole is made by tightening mounting screws. Air proofed even with inserted cable or pipe. Suitable for low energy and passive houses. The fixing screws as well as the instrument screws are double-threaded for quick installation; the box has plastic flanges. When mounting, it is not necessary to countersink the plasterboard edge. The IP30 protection a box fitted with an appropriate lid or a device with a higher or equal IP30 protection.

Item parameters

Weight 0,1 kg
Dimensions 5 × 20,9 × 6,8 cm


Type of installation





Degree of protection IP


Rated current


Rated voltage Ur



ČSN EN 60 670-1

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