Belt Light Profi Set, 50 meter with 100 molded sockets

TRONIX Lighting (#585-027)

Price: 308,55 pc.

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There is a huge difference between professional Festoon Party Light – the Tronix kind – and the much cheaper party lighting products you can find online or at any DIY or discount store. Professionals know this, but end customers often don’t. For safe use, long-term durability, and flexibility in custom-made results it is important to pay attention to this. When looking for sustainable product solutions to count on all-year round, poor product decisions will ultimately make you regret putting price first.

For Festoon Lighting products, Tronix uses high quality rubber cables designed for high flexibility and good resistance to all weather conditions. This type of material is easy to work with because it is very flexible and therefore ideally suited for decorating trees and branches. Another advantage of rubber is that it ‘works’, so it adapts to temperature differences and breaks less easily.

Lamps not included in set.

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TRONIX Lighting

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