Earthing materials

In cooperation with Poland’s best lightning protection manufacturers Elko-Bis Systemu Odgromowe and Bezpol Sp.z. we offer the whole spectrum with grounding materials, including surge protection solutions for both private homes and commercial buildings.

Lightning protection from Poland

At the moment, LEMT Ltd., with the help of its partners, offers to make the necessary lightning protection calculations for both private houses and commercial buildings and to develop the necessary materials specifications. In cooperation with Poland’s largest manufacturers of lightning protection, Elko-Bis Systemu Odgromowe, Bezpol Sp.z. and Cynk-Mal S.A., we can operatively assemble all the necessary materials to ensure the construction of a lightning protection system.

Earthing materials

  • Capture masts
  • Fasteners & Connections
  • Digestion electrodes
  • Surge solutions